BIG. Interface Automatically perfect online ads

BIG is the solution for automatic enlistment of your vehicles in the different internet market places. Once installed on your server the BIG.interface offers you all opportunities to participate directely and effectively in the internet trade. The data synchronisation between your BIG.system and the various internet trading platforms runs fully automatically and at any point of time you may configurate. The hard going and time consuming work to place the announcement of sale manually by your employee does not apply! You donĀ“t need additional external service providers. BIG.interface runs automatically, reliable and duly the data synchronisation. Various internet-market-places can be served parallel and fully automatically. Due to this the coverage of your advertisement increases significantly and without additional efforts. The sales rate increases and your capital commitment can be reduced.

Explore the chances of internet trading quickly, effectively and cost-savingly!


New Interface

D4 offers with the new interfaces, a new dimension of online Vehicle lights on. with the consistent implementation of all Possibilities of the new Layouts.